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Monday, January 12, 2009

Yes - it's Golden Jesus again, I can't get enough of him either. The other picture is our foyer which  would be more impressive if I showed you the "before" picture which included a mint green stained carpet, fluorescent green walls (to match) and the door a charming Primer Grey as the previous owners didn't realize you're supposed to paint the door after installing it.  Trust me, it looks way nicer. Work was busy as usual, they confiscated my computer to finish loading stuff in it so everything is a pain - you get used to everything on the computer.  At the moment my mouth is smarting, I bought some lovely kiwis as I haven't had them in a long time. I ate a couple before dinner and realized the reason I don't eat them is I have an allergic reaction to it.  The skin appears to be gone from my tongue or at least it feels like it and I have about 6 more left that I can't eat. Bastards. 
I made a quick trip to the Christmas Tree store - I was up in that area but usually don't have time to stop in. Everything is so cheap you just want to snatch it up and run with it, they have yarn too!, whoo hooo, furniture, all sorts of stuff. I went and looked for a new pair of boots next door  too but no sucess there. I tried.  They did have a pair of suede fur lined ones but I figured if I got them in my size I would be captured as a sasquatch and taken around to the circus so they stayed on the shelf.  Pearl continues with her antibiotic and Cheese Festival - great fun for the dog.

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