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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was looking at the pictures David took and hadn't realized how swollen poor Becky's eyes were the day she left - her allergies finally caught up with her despite all of her medications - she's very allergic to cats and we were surprised she held out as long as she did. If that's not love I don't know what is. Tonight is Jackson's last night home as far as we know - the weather is calling for a big snowstorm but I think I'll check it against the online Magic 8 Ball - that's a bit more accurate than channel 12 and you can also ask it if you'll win the lottery and stuff like that. Quite a bonus in my book. Anyhoo, in other news  I went on my job interview - do you like the outfit? ON SALE 75% OFF so I was wearing an $80 outfit I got for 20 bucks, you can't beat that with a stick! I would tell you how the interview went but as you know it's impossible to tell. Everything that comes out of your mouth is cause for hysteria (HOLY CRAP AM I EVEN SPEAKING ENGLISH) - you're afraid to adjust or further explain anything for fear of making it worse or worse than that, making a mess out of something that wasn't a mess to begin with. But for the most part I was confident and answered everything to the best of my abilities so hopefully I'll hear something back by Friday. But it was a start at any rate and I'm glad I did it, I feel like even if I don't hear back at least I know where I want to be heading. 

My day off after that continued to be good, after  I came and back and changed we headed out for Dixon City - we dropped Jackson off and headed to Wegmans our favorite supermarket which is just as much to look at as it is to shop at, it never gets old and I remain easily amused so it works for me. We met Jackson at the mall in FYE and I got a copy of a 2 CD They Might Be Giants that I don't have (it's one of the few I don't). We had dinner at Johnny Rockets and then back home. We will miss that boy.

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