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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What A Day!

Let's see, Jackson called today to let us know he is finally done with school and is coming home. Today. I'm At The Airport In Atlanta to be more specific.  I love my children, did I ever tell you that? This news would have been greeted with more genuine enthusiasm if there was not something we were covering up quite desperately and I was trying not to weep on the phone. Vincent had disappeared this morning and we could not find him anywhere. Vincent as we all know is Jackson's own private cat and he has been waiting four months to see him - we noticed him missing around midmorning and looked all over, nothing. We figured he probably was sleeping or hiding somewhere and went shopping  - came back around 2 and still no cat. I think had it not been for Jackson's winging his way home we most likely wouldn't have been so stressed but it's also unusual for Vincent not to be nosing into everything and being around all day. David was tearing the basement apart and I looked in the attic and every cabinet - nothing. We finally gave up and that would be when he made  a special guest star appearance over the heating duct, rat. So we dodged that bullet. So he's had his dinner and is banned from the basement until Jackson gets here tonight, I found his pajamas and an outfit for tomorrow so we are finally allowing ourselves to be all excited. Of course I can't get any time off and the tempeture is hovering in The Belows but Vincent is fine and Jackson will be home so what do I have to complain about? 

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Indigo said...

I'm glad things worked out hon. Now you can sit back and enjoy Jackson being home. (Hugs)Indigo