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Friday, January 30, 2009

No News Is.......Well, It's No News.

I didn't hear a peep from Bayada so I'm assuming the worst and will go on with my life in general. There is a job in dialysis that I'll apply for and I'll keep my eye out for anything else that comes along. I'm a little disappointed but not surprised - I did my best and it is a start. I'm oncall this weekend so I'll be working all weekend, no surprise there. I got to AC Moores again today, one thing I've discovered about online coupons is you can print a 40% off coupon EVERY DAY and the staff doesn't give one hoot how many times you appear at their cash register. The store doesn't go silent as the cashier narrows her eyes and says " weren't  you here YESTERDAY with a 40% off coupon that you got off the internet MRS LESTER" so you can buy as many as you want and still get the discount. I've been buying flower carpets - you know you unroll it, sprinkle it with water and Presto!! instant flowers. More or less. The woman in line ahead of me saw me buying it and she said "good luck" - I thought she meant with the coupon and fully prepared for complete denial that it's my second coupon this week - but she was talking about the instant flower carpet. She said she'd used one and only got a few flowers, if that. Stinking killjoy. I don't care, I plan on putting them around my Authentic Outhouse so it will be super quaint and stuff. I'm currently sitting on a heating pad, I never actually fell today but I did my share of slipping and sliding, there is ice all over the place and my back's a teeny bit out. Tonight was pizza night whoo and I'm not oncall until tomorrow at 8:30 am so I plan to hang out and enjoy myself.

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