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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Take A Deep Breath.

I've been pretty stressed out lately, it seems like I get past one problem only to be hurdling the next with another one close on the heels of the first. Today I'm not doing much - I'm skipping the exercise and sucking down coffee in bed with the laptop and the lapdog. David and I are making a quick run to the outlets to scope out the lay of the land, with potential guests on the horizon I'd like to get an idea of how far and what's there.  I know we lived here before but it was a brief stay and we only make a couple of trips here and there so I'm not really sure what's around and if it's really worth the trip. I'll be buying a new camera today, it's driving me crazy not having one - everything seems to be a good picture. I also have to buy some new pants and possibly shirts, aside from missing coats I also have missing clothes but somehow managed to retain all the pants that don't fit and the crappy stuff. I got my stuff from Knitpicks yesterday and am busy glomming through that, I love getting stuff in the mail no matter how old I get. We haven't heard from Jackson, I'm assuming he's alright and will call him this weekend. I suppose I should get up. Not.

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Donna said...

Oh, I can't stand to be without a camera!