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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poor Pearl.

I took Pearl out yesterday and was quite alarmed to hear her coughing - she actually sounded like a Canadian Goose. When I said something to David he said she'd been doing that for the past day or so insert your sigh here. (Are we waiting for a lung to come up???). She most likely has kennel cough and has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, in the meantime we have to listen to her honking and gagging which cannot end soon enough. At work they're trying to get us online, good luck with that. I was told I was doing the online admission - that would be when they discovered during the training session that my computer is the only one that the program isn't downloaded onto. So then I was given the boss's computer to use and that would be when we discovered it was on her computer but wasn't functioning. So we're back to pen and paper for now. I love new systems in the medical field, when I worked at Stonybrook Unversity they implemented a new system that Einstein would've been hard pressed to use. EVERYONE failed the training sessions and were sent back - I remember the training staff  sent by the company that installed it getting very nasty the second time around and were pretty much reduced to shrieking WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE" every 30 seconds. The hospital decided it was too much of a financial strain to have everyone pecking hopelessly at thier training computers and let us back on the floor assuring us we were smart enough to figure it out for ourselves. I think I still have the giant red button they gave me for being able to prove I was smarter than a cantaloupe.  The snow has been falling steadily since I got home so I think I'll have enough to deal with, the computer can be down the road a bit. Anyhoo - someone bought the farm house across the road so Pearl has been spying on them shamelessly, as have we all.  I figure we'll wait until they're a bit more moved in before we go harass them or we let Pearl do any hostessing.

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Donna said...

Kennel cough usually is self-limiting, sort of like a cold in humans.