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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pearl Is Hostessing A Military Event!

Well, he finally got here. After all that. His connecting flight from Atlanta to Detroit was late so the flight from Detroit to Wilkes-Barre took off without him. Stranding him in Detroit. His mother thought he would be upset - he thought it was pretty nifty that he got a FREE hotel room in a very nice hotel and the waitress at the restaurant gave him a FREE meal because they do that for all the military guys and everyone was chatting him up because of the uniform - on and on. He got helped all through the airport by the ex-navy guys so it was a good trip. David picked him up around 3;30 and we met at the chinese buffet for dinner.  It was fun, people just come up to to him and shake his hand - it's a bit strange at times too. We got back to the house and the Hostess was beside herself with joy - a military hostess! A Veritable Joyous Naval Free For All, the joy! The dancing! The leaping about! Whoo Hoo! the recipient of all this joy made a beeline for his room to change out the Dog Hair Attracting Outfit. Becky will be here this weekend and they'll just play it by ear - I have this weekend off but can't take any time off at this time. But he's home, that's all that matters.

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