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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TGIT or....

Thank Goodness It's Tuesday. I am off for a FULL 24 hours, I go on call at 5 pm tomorrow, but that's tomorrow, isn't it? Work was busy, my computer is still being loaded so I did my paperwork and when no one was able to find anything more for me to do I went out to the front desk and  helped Barb file. It doesn't matter what office you're in, there's always tons of that to do and I've yet to have my help turned down in that department.  I don't mind to doing it and Barb doesn't mind me doing it either so I sorted and alphabetized for the remainder of the afternoon. On the way home I picked up a box of doughnuts  - if you're having a hard time, stressed out  and overworked, it's nothing a box of doughnuts can't cure. David continues to work on the house, he added crown molding to the dining room and living room today. The carpet stays intact, that doesn't get done until spring or so, we will just have to suffer with Lime Green Except Where The Big Honking Stains Are Carpet and the Bubblegum Pink Shag Carpet That Wears Like Iron - although I have to admit it's obnoxiously hilarious.  Maybe it will be a focal point or add some whimsy to our decor. Vincent has been hanging out basement, David said there was a dead vole in the basement and a live one in the garage, but thought maybe voles sometimes kill each other which means there had been a big Vole Fight in the lowest level of our abode and I missed it. Bastards. I'd like to see a big vole fight, wouldn't you? I don't think they see to well so it would most likely be  a Hit Or Miss Event and could take hours. I think Vincent might be responsible however, who knows what goes on in the basement when I'm not home - a little Vole Fighting perhaps. But I'll be home tomorrow so if anything goes on I'll let you know.

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