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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Mathmatical Problem

As you can see the new camera is working well, I haven't brought it out in the field yet although I do have a couple of graveyards earmarked. There's one that has a Golden Jesus that you can go up the little steps and sit on a bench and admire him. I've been debating how long you can admire something like that in January - we shall see, we shall see!! There's also a gravestone with an angel clutching itself to a giant cross but I can't remember where it is, I'm sure I'll drive by it when I've forgotten my camera. Work was busy, I'm not feeling so great, I thought I was coming down with a cold but I'm just feeling under the weather. David has been a busy Do-Bee (who remembers the Do Bees??), he's finished the the tiling in the kitchen, halfway through the foyer and has replaced two more Ugly Fixtures - the windows for his next job should be in later this week so he's busy trying to finish some stuff around here.  Eek! I've been plotting out a little more shopping, it's hard not to because I keep getting coupons and it's hard not to use them - Michael's' has sock yarn HALF OFF this week, but I have to seriously look deep inside and ask myself, how much sock yarn should you own? Is it going against the laws of nature to own more sock yarn that you can possibly knit up in one life time? You have to figure that,  if at the age of 47 I am middle aged and only have 47 more years in which to knit, providing I keep my marbles - at least the knitting related ones - and I have to use ALL of the yarn so far acquired including the thousands of yards of lace yarn too,  how much more yarn can I buy? A quandary if I ever saw one.  But then again, I do have a lot of knitting books and if I retire at 67 and my projected Date Of Croaking is 97 - that gives me TWENTY YEARS of straight knitting time so therefore - I do NOT have enough yarn - gangway! Whoo hoo!

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