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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ruby Tuesdays

Yes I did throw in a little knitting - trying to stick to the theme on occasion people. This sweater is taking a long time due to all the cabling, I think about other projects just languishing in the project closet, piles of yarn unknit, sitting around just waiting to fulfill their destiny.  Sad little balls of fluff wandering around in the yarn closet, no purpose yet in life. They'll get their turn. Anyhoo, Janet and Di came for the day, they only live a couple of hours away so they drove down in the morning and we sat around eating doughnuts and drinking coffee. We ended up at Ruby Tuesdays on Montage, we haven't been there in forever, in WV that was where we celebrated all of our special occasions. I was glad we went early because around here on the weekends all the restaurants fill up on the weekends and you can wait for quite awhile. And as we all know I'm VERY bad at that sort of thing.  Janet and Di headed off after dinner, Di has to work today so it was a pretty short visit, but I'm very glad they made it and I know Jackson was thrilled to see them. We went to Border's after, there is a ton of shops up at Montage but Becky has bought everything so we just did a short trip to the bookstore. I have to see one patient today and then I'm taking them out, not sure where. They're pretty easily entertained, movies mall food is on the agenda everyday. I have no idea how Becky is going to transport all that stuff back that she's been amassing for the past couple of weeks - everything is on clearance so it's a real buyer's market right now. 

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Indigo said...

I think the younger generation is just fascinated with Malls. My daughter is married (she's 20) yet every chance she get the first thing she ask when she visits is "Do you want to go to the Mall?".

I love the sage coloring and the pattern to the sweater your working on. Great job hon. (Hugs)Indigo