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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Hostessing Continues Unabated

Pearl pretty much lays in wait for Jackson's lap to become available, she is relentless and without shame. Jackson is enjoying her company so it's an equal relationship. Becky arrived on our sunny shores yesterday, I'll get pictures later in the week. She had to leave at 3 am and this is not only the first time she's flown, but it's also the first time she's traveled on her own so she was pretty tired yesterday. We took them out and dropped them off at the mall - David went to Home Depot to order the carpet for the house. They're having a big sale on installation, $125 for the entire house so we decided to do it now. I went to AC Moore's but the lines were so long there was nothing there I was willing to stand on line for that long. We went to the mall and I got a new pair of boots and a George Michael CD - whoo hoo. We met up with Jack and Becky and then headed home as Becky was fading fast. We are planning to head out to Montage today as they want to go to the movies and there are a lot of nice shops up there. David will be the entertainment committee for the next two weeks as I have to work, what else is new? I wish I could be the entertainment committee just once, it sucks that everyone comes up here and I'm always working. I have applied for another job, I'm doing this very slowly as I don't want to end up in another bad situation. 

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