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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All Is Well In The Kingdom Again

It took a couple of days, but I am over What Ever It Was, thank goodness. David and I are still trying to get Christmas shopping done, we're going out to a restaurant for the big day as we always have - probably chinese. We had Jackson's list with us, the usual video games as is every year. The only problem I have with video games is they're so expensive and even if you buy a couple hundred dollars worth, it sort of looks like a big nothing under the tree. When the boys were little it was so much easier to look impressive. All thier gifts were entirely constructed of lightweight plastic and most on a rather grand scale - anyone remember the Thunder Cat Lair that you could sit in? Or the Tiny Tikes Pedal Helicopter?Now I spend 4 times as much and you can fit thier  entire christmas list in a milkcrate with room to spare. Jackson also had a book on the list, Dante's Inferno which in case you need a copy is located in the poetry section and not fiction and literature. After we picked up Jackson from school we went to exit 7 to do a bit more shopping and I popped into Michaels and bought 10 skeins of Tutu yarn in winter white BECAUSE it was on clearance ($2.09 from  $6.99 - yes we need a cart over here!!). I only bought 10 because The Yarn Hater was with me with his sidekick The Tattletale (DAD! SHE HAS YARN IN THAT BAG, DAD!!!.....)so I had to resist laying waste to the shelves before someone else noticed the clearance signs. I have a couple of jobs over that way on Friday but I have to weigh whether I can quick shop for yarn with labs in the car. Hmm. The temp has stayed in the 20's all day, the Crack Weather Team DID say it would go up to the 40's tomorrow, but they were announcing Sunny Skies as the snowflakes were blowing by the windows today so my faith in their abilities is not a lot.

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