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Monday, December 5, 2005

I Smell Winter

Around here the snow  is a very strange and selective thing - you can get a foot in one area and a dusting in another, Preston county ALWAYS gets whomped no matter what what. We just have a little snow left here in Maidsville, the ice is far more annoying in my opinion. I finally got some studying in on Sunday, I got up early and studied for a few hours while Jackson was still asleep and David was elsewhere. We went to church on Sunday - the first time in a few weeks - and when I went out to start the car I found it encased in ice so I ended up spending a bit of time chipping it free. After that we went to Sam's Club and when we got back I got back to the books. Today was run,run,run - I started at 7:30 am and finished at 5pm so I'm a bit too spent to concentrate. My boss reduced my workload for tomorrow and Wednesday I'm hitting the books again. I will be so glad when this whole thing is over.Our computer still works well, it actually works better but now we are Paranoid Bunnies. Some security warning keeps coming up that an unidentified publisher would like to run lo31.exe from C:/WINDOWS/system32 and we keep hitting cancel on it since A)we don't know what it is and B)system 32 is the file that was modified that caused all the problems in the first place.


pistolcrazypete said...

i am very interested in this security warning..... as far as i know it is a trojan horse...this is what my norton antivirus told me....... I have been searching very deep in my c:\windows\system folders and have yet to find this file lo31.exe..... if any1 can help me find this executable file or knows how to get rid of it..... it would be helpful.... give me a buzz on AIM  s/n pistolcrazypete .... also ever since i got this security warning my firewall has been telling me that remote systems are trying to connect to me.....plz help

nobdyyouknoneway said...

lo31.exe is something BAD. I know that much. I'm battling it right now myself. None of my four scans picked it up (although they found things let in by it) so I found it in the system32 folder myself, had to chut it down with task manager and delete it as fast as I could and now I'm gonna see just how well it worked... Feel free to IM me about lo31.exe over AIM, my screen name is NobdyYouKnoNEway

unccarol said...

Hey! I was doing a search for lo31.exe and your blog came up. Did you ever figure anything out about it?