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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year's Eve!

I still haven't made any resolutions. I'm considering making very big ones - since I'm going to break them all in January why not go for the gold? I can resolve to be taller, devote my life to world peace, to outdo Donald Trump, to look more like Christy Brinkly and less like Courtney Love pre-rehab, to be kinder to Claw and stop hoping a bear gets her and to stop being so sarcastic all the time. I feel better, don't you? And I might as well cut to the chase and not do any of those things. Glad that's over with. Anywhoo, those things in the first picture that I posted awhile ago - I was talking to a nurse that was born and raised in that area and she told me what they were. They're charcoal ovens -you make charcoal in them! They were built the early 1900's and they used them to make the charcoal for fuel for the trains that were going long distances so they didn't run out of fuel. The retired coalminers worked them and dragged the wood from the surrounding forest in to make the charcoal. She said the poor, especially around the time of depression would bring rocks and pile them on top to heat them, then bring them back to thier house to use for heat. I have to admit, I never would've guessed. She said if I ever get back to that area and want to look at them closer to make sure I wear boots because over the years the ground has gotten marshy. I'm getting new tires today, not looking foward to the bill but it's got to be done. I have to say when I get my next car it'll probably be another CRV, sometimes I'm amazed at the places it can go. I had to get up a driveway yesterday - straight up and covered in ice, I can't imagine it in January. We went slinging the other day on Jackson's birthday, I took our road  too fast and fishtailed at the top of hill. Jackson was a little upset and announced he would like to be older than 16 someday. Honestly, even though I pointed out it wasn't much of a drop off by WV standards, he still told his father. Rat fink.

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