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Monday, December 26, 2005

Dog In Blue Poncho

So, how was everyone's holiday? Ours was good, but quiet. Everyone got what they wanted pretty much, with the exception of Dante's Inferno for Jackson. I should've looked at it a little closer but just glanced at the cover before I bought it. After all, Dante's Inferno is Dante's Inferno, right? Wrong. Apparently two surfers from California can rewrite the above said classic, set it in modern day Los Angeles, change the main character into a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks, turn the whole thing into a mess and peddle it as the real deal. Fortunately, Beuwolf and The Merchants Of Venice were what they were suppposed to be. But Jackson's birthday is on Wednesday and the good thing about that is whatever he didn't get for Christmas we can get him for his birthday. I'm off today, but have about 3 hours of paperwork to catch up on, yuck. And we also have to go shopping for the birthday on Wednesday which I'm also off for. I finally finished the poncho and will ship it off when I get a chance. I think for the next few projects they will be small - hats, etc. I have a pattern for a Japanese war helmet that you can knit which is hilarious and I think Jackson would like so that might be next on the boards. I also am going to try to make a dog coat for a friend of mine. The weather here has cooled off a bit and it looks like it'll rain again. It rained all Christmas morning and then the sun came out big time. We ended up eating at a chinese restaurant for Christmas as we usually do, but everyone has thier traditions, don't they?

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