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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Let The Wait Begin

I took my final Saturday - and it DID take almost 5 hours. I finished in 4 hours and 45 minutes and when I left, more than half of the class was still there. I was a bit surprised, usually they give you alot of excess time and by a couple of hours usually most of the class is done. But this one not only did they give 5 hours, but if you took a break they would tack that time onto the end. I didn't take any, I just wanted it done. As to how I did I honestly don't think I passed, the past month I've barely had time to breath, let alone study - not to mention this test is broken down into 3 sections and if you don't pass all of them you fail. I won't hear the results for 4 - 6 weeks which in this day and age I think is ridiculous,even the nursing boards you get the results in a week or so. But the good thing is I can take the exam over again without having to repeat the class or pay again and in the meantime, I'm employed. David got our funace working again, the repairman had called back Friday night and told Jackson if he came he didn't have the parts, it would cost A HUNDRED DOLLARS just for him to show up, Jacks cancelled him since he didn't want someone who would cost over a month of allowances to show up and do nothing. Of course then Jackson called me a little panicked since he usually isn't in charge of these decisons (David had been out buying a kerosene heater) but I told him he made the right one. David couldn't get ahold of the repairman the next morning so he called the plumbing and heating store and they told him that it was probably just the ignitor and they happened to have that part. So instead of it costing us hundreds of dollars in emergency call, it ended up costing us $38. Now I have to catch up on paperwork, housework, christmas shopping, and of course knitting. David is heading off for NJ this week to help Ray build a kitchen so Jackson and I will be on our own.

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