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Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, the year is winding down, I suppose it's resolution time. I try not to make them, first of all if you're going to lose weight, take a college course, be nicer to the dog, stop hanging out in bars and picking up strange men, etc - either you're going to do it or not and swearing  to it on the first of the year is just silly. And more importantly, it just makes me look bad in January anyhow. But from force of habit I tend to do it despite knowing better. We aren't doing anything per se, out of all the holidays this one is my least favorite. When I go out I wish I was home and when I'm home I think I'm missing something. So I just go to bed and that solves the whole thing. The temp here has warmed up - it was in the 40's yesterday which made the outlying area just lovely. Slogging up a hill on ice is bad enough, but at least if you fall it's just water. Now it's mud, and not just any mud, oh no. It's Special West Virginia Mud. Anyone who lives in a clay-based area knows what I'm talking about. When the water hits this stuff it has the consistancy of pig poo and is twice as slick as ice. Having fallen in it once this year I'm not eager to do it again and I'm much better at keeping my balance, even in the most precarious of yards. One of the other nurses (who grew up here) told me when it's wet, NEVER walk in the driveway, walk next to it (the grass and rocks give you traction). And that advice has served me well, not to mention the fear of getting covered in that crap again. The other interesting thing about this area is because of the mountains, every town gets different weather. We got rain for instance yesterday but when I called to schedule an appointment with a patient 20 miles away she said she hoped I had four wheel drive because of all the snow! I'm getting new tires on Saturday, mine are a few years old and with all the driving I do I can't afford to let them go too long. Sigh, I'd better get started I suppose.

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