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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Eight More Days!!

If I hear one more stupid news show do an interview on holiday depression I will run down to the station and go postal all over thier weenie asses. They actually had a "checklist" this morning with questions such as "Do you feel devoid of joy?" I felt like calling them and asking if they all felt devoid of brains. This was of course followed by amazingly stupid advice from a leading psychiatrist who apparently specializes in Holiday Disorders.  This can only be outdone by the local stations giving Cold Weather Tips such as "wear a hat" and "warm up your car", all delivered with the same gravity as a report on the War On Terror.  ANYWHOO, we got the presents mailed off today so that's done. I have most of the Christmas cards done too, but ran short so I'll have to pick up more tomorrow. While we were at Barnes and Noble's I found a couple of knitting books so David bought them for me for a present. When we got home I went up and sat on my bed MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS paging through the above said books when David (aka The Grinch) came in and took the books away stating they were for Christmas purposes only. I have to admit I did indeed feel devoid of joy, but he took them away anyhow. I personally felt that since I wasn't knitting anything out of  either of the books it didn't count but some people can be very unreasonable. I'm making good progress on the poncho which turned out to be a major bonus. Since I'm knitting it in the round it didnt fit too well on my circular needles so when we went to Sam's Club we stopped at the Nest which is a very high end knitting shop. I can't even afford to look at the yarn in there - things such as chinese ribbon silk ($19 a skein) or hand dyed Alpaca ($24.95) but I can afford to look at some of the needles. But not the Lantern Moon hand made from Cambodia ($22 a pair). So I bought TWO pairs of Addi Turbo circular needles, they're like a Porshe version of knitting needles and they had the sets with the 40" cord span, Bonus!! They're german stainless steel which means the yarn just slides right off them as you go so you can knit faster. That would be the Turbo part. David's going to move the birdfeeder tomorrow to the french door in the living room. Ever since Vincent saw the birds sitting in it he's been parking himself on the sill right below it which as you can imagine, defeats the purpose entirely. Not to mention it's supposed to be a Birdfeeder, not a Catfeeder.

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judypearllove said...

sounds as if you are almost ready stop by for a country christmas wish and the 12 days of christmas