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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Sunset Brought To You Courtesy Of West Virginia

Doesn't that look really tropical? It sort of was, give or take 70 degrees or so ( mostly on the "take" side of things). ANYWHOO, the temp has plummeted into the 20's and we've discovered the house doesn't heat very evenly, especially Jackson's Dungeon Abode but he insists on hanging in there. I've made up the two guest rooms just in case he finds it difficult to break ice some evening, worst comes to worst he'll just be a very Hardy And Hale person by spring. We're trying to talk Big Dave into a space heater but he's being Cheap and a bit Surly, even pulling out the old "When I was young..." routine which is pure nonsense. His mother tends to keep her house between "sauna" and "lightly sauteed" all of the time,even occasionally turning on the heat in June which has left him with the constitution of a dandalion. Things here are not great - I have my certification test next Saturday and everything's still crazy at work, just constant running topped off with all the paperwork I have to catch up on. I managed to finish alot of my paper work and then a patient who lives about 3 miles from me had a crisis. I'm not on call but strangely all the on call nurses seem to be aware of my proximetry to the patient as this is the second time it's happened. At least the nurse on call this weekend was nice enough to ask instead of like the other one who faked a visit so the agency would call me. But even though the patient is close it was still almost 3 hours out of my day plus the paper work. I did get some studying in but right now I'm totally done for the day and any attempt at studying just bounces right off. Everyone's present will probably be late, I did a little bit of decorating (i.e. The Squirrel) but other than that I'm not bothering til after this test. David's work has been picking up, sigh, of course!! at the MOST inconvienient time!(He's been out working all day as a matter of fact)

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