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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Whoo Hoo! It's Finally Here!

As you can see, Vincent doesn't even try to pretend to be good - I've chased him and Mr. Lee off of the tree several times, but they either don't get it or simply don't care. I'm fairly certain they don't care. Yesterday was very warm - in the 60's so I spent a portion of Christmas Eve cleaning out my car and then David and I washed them both. David and I took Jackson shopping yesterday, Becky gave him an extra present which made it necessary for him to buy her one and he also had to buy for her parents. We had told Jackson he could go over Becky's since we usually don't do too much for Christmas Eve and he had been invited. I had David stop at McDonalds, Jackson is on hyperdrive again and I didn't want him to scare anyone. He supposed he could eat "something" and ordered a 10 piece, large shake, large fries, asked if he could have TWO ten piece (NO) and then ate David's fries too. When he got to Becky's her brother Bobby took them out for lunch at Garfield's so he got ANOTHER lunch which he said was ok since he was still hungry. We're going out for early dinner today and Jackson might go over Becky's again, her parents like him and said he can come over all weekend. He's been on a roll lately - full of theory and conversation. A few days ago he was telling me about some calendar that says the apocolypse is going to occur in 2012 and when I said someone is always predicting the end of the world he then said this calendar had predicted the death of a religious leader and the pope had indeed died that year. I told him given the amount of religious leaders in the world that prediction was like shooting fish in a barrel then he said well, it said a CHRISTIAN leader. I then demanded he produce the above said calendar and even went so far to say I thought it didn't exist. At which he threw his hands up in the air and said "Fine! Go to hell then and see if I care!". In other words, while I'm sitting in the firey underworld I am NOT to come crying to Jackson about it! LOL, on that note, Merry Christmas everyone.

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