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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bah Humbug On The Snow

Vincent completely HATES the snow, I let him out yesterday and he sat on the sidewalk, ears back and fur up as if he was being attacked. He came back in after about 3 minutes,out of sorts and sat on the windowsill looking disgusted at the white stuff. It's going to be a long winter for the cat. We didn't go to church yesterday, it had started snowing and no one was in the mood so we did some christmas shopping instead. I made turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner. David put a half teaspoon of cranberry sauce on Jackson's plate and he responded by acting like David had put a dead bug on it. David made him keep it "for decoration" and Jackson came back a few minutes later looking for more. He refused to admit he liked it, it was "ok he guessed" and proceeded to eat the rest of the it. I'm still working on the poncho, Copper did his modeling duites but it's alway a dangerous thing when it's halfway done. He sat for the pictures and then went to lay down which stretched it out and almost pulling it off the needles (I'm knitting it in the round as opposed to two sections). Jackson had to hold the needles while I peeled him out of it. That made him so excited he stole David's hat and bounced around the livingroom play growling to get David to chase him. I have a full week ahead of me at work - the snow on Friday pushed some patients into this week, and I had an infusion that didn't get her medication last week so I have to do it this week. At least I'm done with class.

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mosie1944 said...

Ah, but the snow's so pretty!  (I think your pets are spoiled worse than mine!)