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Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh No, The Queen Is Sick!

Yes, it's true. I am sick. I came down with Whatever It Is yesterday, did a brief stint of denial as we were on our way to church and I had clothes on and everything, but we did have to turn back. I spent the day in bed being just miserable but being of the medical profession I'm only allowed to suffer in bed until 6 am Monday. Then I can suffer at work. I'm not throwing up or anything - just a bad head cold I suppose and I'm tired and achy. Jackson is over Becky's - he's back on schedule for the restricted visitation. David overbought on the coldcuts last week so he told Jackson to have some for lunch. Jackson informed me Sunday afternoon we were completely out - there'd been about 4lbs  in there, so "lunch" apparently was an extended engagement. David questioned if it was possible for anyone to eat that many coldcuts (not to mention the loaf of bread was almost gone,) but if there's a 15 year old boy around, entire herds can disappear. Jackson mention the roast beef was especially good, it must've been because there had been a pound and a half of it!! He did leave a sad bit of pastrami hiding in the corner so we had just enough to cover lunch today at school. He does have a lunch card which I think is nifty - you're not allowed to use cash to buy your lunch as school which cuts down on having money stolen or the temptation to remove it from your smaller classmates - but refuses to use it because he likes sandwiches from home. Lucky me.

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