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Friday, December 23, 2005


That would stand for Thank Goodness It's Almost Christmas! I'm currently  way behind on my christmasy stuff to do, but I still have a little time. Vincent has not only been attacking the tree, but has taught Mr. Lee the fine art of Ornament Smacking - who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks? My schedule at work continues to seesaw back and forth, yesterday I started off with one job. When I got there my phone rang and another patient was having a problem so I needed to see her - the fortunate part was she lives very close to patient #1 so I was able to zip over there and get her straight. Then I had a late job and was pottering around the office doing paper work, plotting to leave a little early and hightail it to Michaels AND BUY ALL THE CLEARANCE YARN FOR MYSELF - and got an admission. So I was running then since I didn't want to be late for the job I already had scheduled and on my way back got today changed about 3 times. All compounded by the fact the doctors will tell the patients things that I will be doing and won't say anything to me which means me back at the office playing phone tag to verify exactly what the doctor said. Yikes! Jackson is off from school today and is going with Becky's family to Beckly which is about 150 miles from here. The reason being is Becky' family meets there as a halfway mark and they all exchange presents and have lunch - that's kind of a neat idea, isn't it? The weather is supposed to warm up into the 40's today as per the Crack Weather Team. I especially loved them this week - they predicted warmer temps so I put my down coat to the dry cleaners as it was rather filthy - the temps immediately dropped so there I was, in the outlands of WV in a wool dress coat. The moment I got it back of course the tempetures started to rise. I should get moving, I'm dropping Jackson off in Sabraton at 7:30 and then zipping off to No Man's Land for a bit to get my 1st job in early so I can get to Michaels' and you know......

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