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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Yep, my youngest is 16 today, how strange is that? He doesn't seem 16 nor does he appear old enough to graduate in a couple of years. He has decided not to do the laser tag thing, we'll be doing the tradition mall and dinner thing. Becky is having a party from what I understand for her birthday in a couple of weeks and when I pointed out he could've had one he shook his head NO, didn't think he would like that. Whatever, it's his birthday and this is what he wants. He's actually very social, but things like birthdays and holidays he just likes it quiet so I'll leave him alone. I'm off again today and Kevin said yesterday we are off AGAIN on Monday for New Year - I think they're trying to kill me. I farmed out some of my jobs yesterday, there's only so much that can be done in 8 hours. David took down all the decorations yesterday, the tree we had was very nice but dried out very quickly. If you touched it the branches snapped and since the cats spent most of thier free time touching it, there was quite a mess going on. Not to mention the fire hazard part of it. I just find the decorations a bit sad after the holidays so we usually have them down pretty quick. Our computer seems to be working ok today. David got that Vonage phone system they advertise on TV for $9.95 a month since we all know the wars we've waged with Frontier Phone Company who's slogan should be Go Ahead, Make A Long Distance Call, We Dare You. In case you're wondering - Vonage sucks. You don't just hook it up and that's it. Nope. You need a wireless router. And another phone since it's just long distance.Then you need to register and download thier software. When David tried to register it, it refused to take it. You can't call them. So he emailed. And emailed. And emailed. The registration number on the bottom was wrong so they registered him from their end. Then it STILL didn't work. Then we lost our internet connection so I removed everyone and thier brother's program and we still didn't have a connection. Jackson went in and manually restored the settings, so everything seems alright and all the equipment is sitting in a pile at the moment, waiting to be repackaged and returned. Good Riddance!

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bdendrick said...

Their commercials are so damn annoying, there's no way I'd want to have anything to do with them.