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Friday, December 16, 2005

On The Road Again

As you can see, I was a travelling girl today! I probably did over 100 miles for 4 patients, I think I average about 60 to 80 a day easily. I've learned to turn down cups of coffee, I know what bears do in the woods but nurses should not!! I actually enjoy all the driving, most of my travels take me down the back roads and no matter how many times I drive it, there's something new to see every day. The thing that frustrates me is not being about to take all the pictures I'd love to, I drive by dozens of great pictures and there's no where to safely stop. Most of these roads aren't too well travelled, but that in itself is a problem since everyone flies down them. And the names! I've REALLY been on Easy Street, it's right next to Nice St. There's Burnt Cabin, Mouse Run, Sugar Run Road, Breezy Ridge (VERY aptly named I might add), Bloody Run, Turkey Knob, and of course tons of Runs and Hollows. Too bad I have all those patients inbetween! My patient that had surgery came out alright, I went to see him today and he looks great. I was so relieved to see him sitting up and his family will be having a great Christmas I'm sure. I'm still trying to finish up for Christmas, but enough is enough. Saturday everything I bought gets packed and sent  and if anyone doesn't like what I sent them they can come here and take it up with me. If you need my address - Go straight to the middle of nowhere.  Turn right at the Boondocks driving straight through the town you can spit across. I'm on the left.

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