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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Arctic Zone

It has transcended from being cold and windy  to Life On The Tundra. The wind makes it beyond cold and this is the time of year where I seriously question Dog Ownership. Because Pearl the Polar Dog is impervious to cold, ice, snow and wind unlike her owner who cannot wear enough thermal wear. At this point when I go out to "walk" the dog the only thing that's showing is enough for me not to walk into side of the house and that's it.  The cats just stay in the house entirely, I think they both go out for a total of 37 seconds daily.  eek. Anyhoo, I did venture out yesterday for a quick jaunt to the bookstore and grocery and then back home. It's nice having time to get things done for real - I swamped out the bathroom yesterday as opposed to it's usual quick swipe, vacuumed and continued to sort through things. Today I might go on safari to see if I can find some items including the DVD player and if we go out I might start scouting for a book case. One of the problems David and I have had here is there are NO shelves around the house(at all! not one!) and the closets are big, deep and fairly useless as far as storage goes. They each have one tiny shelf in the way back and the poles are set up in a very odd way - instead of going around the closet they're set up across which makes either the front or back one useless as you can only hang stuff on the ends - otherwise you can't get to the second pole.  
We have to burn some stuff today but it's a good day given the current weather. David is done with classroom work and got his CPR card yesterday - now they're off to clinical at a local nursing home. He's a little nervous but will do fine. At least he's taking a class, when I became a nurse's aide it was taught by the Crankypants Nursing Home and since it was held by the nursing home it was actually a legal way to fling you out on the floor ASAP - it was pretty nerve wracking since none of the aides felt they needed to help you. At all. And they upheld the Crankypants What The Hell Do You Want Way Of Doing Things at all times.  I am facing my own set of doubts - I know I'll do well but it's a bit overwhelming at times. But I think I made the right decision, I'm ready for a change and this company is more like what I came from in WV.  And I have a few more days to lay around and eat stuff while watching BBC channel.....

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