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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going With The Flow

I was looking at this picture and couldn't figure out what it was or even why I took it. But if you look closely you will see Vincent right above that white pipe. I still don't know why I took that but at least you know what it is. Don't you feel better? Things in my world have been rocking for the past week, I'm not ready to talk about all of it yet as events are still unfolding - some days you walk the path and others you run it. Anyhoo, in other news Lizzard will be darkening our doorstep at the end of the month so Pearl will be hostessing yet another event. The only thing is the yarn closet is in the guest room and I'm not sure I trust Liz to keep from temptation, I might have to rig up some sort of alarm system...... on the other hand since we've pretty much known each other from birth I suppose I'll have to trust her. Jackson has called briefly to get our address but other than that I think he's very busy these days. I'm off this weekend, I can't wait - I've been working nonstop - on Friday it will literally be 2 weeks straight without a break.  Saturday will be lying in bed and eating doughnuts, this time of year I'm obsessed with them and then I guess not too much on the boards after that.  The temps are supposed to go up to the mid forties this weekend which will be a welcome change from "6". David ordered a dumpster, he's been waiting until he had enough construction debris and so forth and he has stuff from the job he's doing so that will be an activity this weekend also. He starts his classes on Monday - he's a little nervous I think but also looking forward to it. I think it's pretty cool myself.

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Donna said...

Even after I enlarged the picture I had a time making out Vincent. Finally made out the tail and took it from there! It's too early in the morning.