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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping Busy

David has been introduced to the ugly fact that there is ALWAYS homework - he just didn't realize it until the 11th hour. But it got done and he got through his first day unscathed. It's a little bit of a rush in the am now and I've given up the daily elipse in exchange for the Running Of The Dog - hopefully when it gets a little bit warmer and I get a little bit more organized I'll be able to do a real walk with her before work. That way I'll get my exercise in and she'll refrain from ingesting my last remaining item in Random Acts Of Revenge while we are both out for the day. My job has entered that creepy phase in which everyone is polite but avoiding you, I just spend as little time in the office as possible. It's not too bad but there's always that danger of them getting one last hit in (and yes, that does happen)so I'm keeping my head down.  I just want it to be done and over with - the only laughable thing is I finally got my insurance cards, 6 weeks late. Sigh. In other news I have discovered - you can buy VERY cheap books which are sort of used. I got one for 31 cents which was very whoo hoo but then got hit with a $4 shipping charge. BUT even with that it's a big discount so I went ahead and bought it, along with a few other things. I usually only buy my knitting books from Knitpicks but lately they've been out of stock and constantly move the available date and the last time I was just forget it. I had to pre-order from Amazon but at least I know it's coming instead of sorry sorry sorry. The weather is really warming up now, I know in head it's just a tease but the rest of me is hollering Spring Time! I've gotten the porch almost completely cleaned out and am making plans. The church pew David shortened up will fit great where we got rid of the icky desk so there will be plenty of churchy seating for everyone. 

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