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Monday, February 23, 2009

Two More Days

The weather is crappy and the wind is howling - but I don't care because I'm off until Wednesday and then I start my new - and better!! - job. Liz will be arriving Saturday morning with a song in her heart and a fork in her hand as we are hitting the Cheesecake Factory along with other various and sundry things. The Hostess of course will be doing her duty towards the guest as she considers it her mission in life to entertain and be involved in everything.  I'm not planning on doing too much today, I'm considering hitting Big Lots either today or tomorrow to see if they have any cushions to fit the porch swing and the church pew.  David and I did all the grocery shopping yesterday, Sam's Club and Wegmans of course. I'm almost done with the first sleeve of the sweater, then it's just the second sleeve and the hood and it's done. Finally.  I think I'll be knitting socks next, David could use another pair as I managed to half felt the first pair I made him (reading the washing directions of the wool I used would have made more sense if I had done it PRIOR to pitching them in the washer....). 

I spoke to Jackson the other day, his new thing is playing pool on base, he actually bought his own poolstick and accessories. I was glad to hear it as it means he's not staying in his room at night and is going out and meeting people. We haven't heard too much from Adam but I should probably email him this morning as he's still out at sea as per his brother. I suppose I should get up and stuff - but first I have to go another round in Mob Wars as I'm trying to get to a higher level than John and Carleen and I see they were out robbing banks again last night on Facebook. Rats.

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