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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tales Of The Unemployed

Yesterday went better than expected - you always expect some crap to fly but weirdly enough, none did. I finished up all my patients and was back in the office at 2, reported off and tied up my paperwork and then left at 2:30. I didn't have too much to take as I've been quietly transporting what is mine out of the office and I returned everything that is theirs so we're square. I hugged everyone goodbye, I won't miss the job but I will miss my co-workers, they're a good group. I didn't head straight home, I pottered around a bit, went to Wegmans which I LOVE, that is the best store.I bought fresh mozzarella cheese and aduki beans, stuff I love.I also bought doughnuts as I have to have some sustenance while I sit on the couch and watch Jerry Springer.  About that time it started to snow more so I headed on home. David had called me during the day to let me know I had another box from Amazon. I said just one. He said how many things exactly did you order and I patiently explained the used book thing and how much money he is being saved. I sat there thinking he would be impressed and be in awe of what a Smart Shopper I am, after all I DID get the Book Of Modern Lace Knitting for $6 - along with a few other bargains but do you think he was impressed? No, he even thought it was no use talking to me! Oh well, since I am unemployed it will give me something to do besides sitting around in my pajamas and guessing at the answers on Family Feud.  The weather so far today is crappy but I don't care as I don't plan on doing too much today. I am just enjoying things for now.

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