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Sunday, February 8, 2009


It would have been a great day if the wind was not whipping and making it seem much colder than it actually is. The snow is melting which is turning the entire yard into muddy puddle infested mess, but we still managed to get things done. David rented a dumpster since we have enough to fill it so we finished that, I got rid of the last of the junk on the porch and I also went through all of my old knitting magazines and dropped them off at the local library. I hate to just throw them out as they're expensive but it's silly having a pile I'll never use. So I sorted through them and kept all the Simply Knitting and Vogue and the rest will be glommed over by the local knitting club. I've got both halves of the sweater done (finally!!) and started on the sleeve last night. David and I did a quick run to the local supermarket - I don't know about you but I keep a running grocery list, we go shopping and then we do the 2nd list so we can go back out the next day and pick up everything but we forgot EXCEPT for one crucial item that we will invariably forget. It has been a fairly quiet day, but that's the way I want it - two weeks straight without a break is a bit much even for me. I know I'll be dragging my way to work - resigning has that odd effect of making time stand still, the last day always seem further away than it actually is. I have to stop and pick up paperwork at the other office, not to mention shopping here and there.  David starts his classes tomorrow which will be odd for me not to have him here - since he's always been self employed he's always done his schedule around me so that's going to be a big adjustment for both of us. Pearl most likely will be traumatized. 

David was also trying to figure when we could have the rugs done but I think that will have to go on the backburner until at least spring which is when we originally had slated it for. But I think with me switching jobs and him embarking on a whole new world the rug is the least of our worries. Not to mention if you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion - so maybe this will be the year of the Hidiously Green Carpet With The Random Large Honking Stains - you never know. Oh! And a Ghoul - the definition is a)someone who takes great delight in gross, morbid or disgusting things (half of my family qualifies on that definition), b) grave robbers and c) a Muslim demon that feasts upon the dead - just in case you needed to know.

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