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Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Day Out Of The Box

I finally had my first day at work, dragged that out, didn't I? Everyone is very nice and better yet, they're very organized as far as I can see. The office is bigger as they just reshuffled things recently and I'm pretty sure I have every one's name down. I just observed for the first day, it's a bit overwhelming but I'm sure I'll get on top of it. I'm invited to a big event in March in Philadelphia which I'll attend with the office - there seems to be a little bit of traveling involved in this job. My office will be opening in a couple of weeks and they're going to have a big open house so there's that. I'll still be expected to pick up a few visits here and there, but that's home care in general and if it's not your entire job it's fun to get out of the office. Speaking of which, Liz and Kirsten will be landing on my sunny shores on Saturday, it's just a quick visit but we'll be packing the grand tour in there. Of course since there will two of them that will be an addition problem for me as Liz now has Kirsten to be lookout while she freely rummages around in the yarn closet so I may have to rig something up (like a roaming  spotlight or something). The Hostess is beyond thrilled and is planning her social calendar. It's snowing this morning, Vincent went for his usual 37 second constitutional around the house (that's how long it takes him to run from the front door to the back so David can let him in). David rewashed his uniforms and said no one noticed the ink stains - the scrubs are blue so it's not glaring - they're now doing patient care and even though he finds it a bit daunting, he's enjoying it. 

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