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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Fun!

David and I were out scouting the territory again this weekend. We like the Stroudsburg area a great deal and now that we no longer have to worry about school systems we're a bit more mobile in where we would like to live. The other fun thing is we actually live within driving distance so we can get an idea of where we would like to go someday.  And it gives us a good excuse to get in the car and go toddling around. We set out with a list of addresses and found most of the houses were either the right house and the wrong area or the right area and the house was way smaller than it looked on the Internet. We had seen an old rambling fixer upper with lovely property which would have been perfect - except the pictures didn't show the house was literally steps away from a rather busy and dangerous curve. But we're in no hurry, if we find a place good on us, if not we're not exactly slumming it. Most of it though is a vapid excuse for traipsing through the countryside, taking pictures, sightseeing and shopping. We found a store called the Christmas Factory, a two story warehouse year round store specializing in Christmas of course. We drove through Analomink, I think the founding fathers might have been imbibing a bit when they came up with that. 

Log Cabin Estates with road names such as "Sportsman Drive" was definitely false advertising but I suppose "Modular Estates" with Cookie Cutter Drive would not have sold as well. And I found a REAL knitting shop about a mile from my future office! They have a knitting group that meets in the evening once a week so that in itself would be a reason to move. I bought some sock yarn and a few other things - I have to say the Yarn Hater was fairly good about the whole thing although he didn't look as intrigued as one would have thought. The woman ahead of me at the counter was wearing a mink coat, pearls and complaining to the person behind the counter she just HAD to finish this sweater since she'd spent $200 on the yarn. She obviously is not acquainted with the wonders of Big Lots.  For that money you could afford enough yarn to knit a House Cover. But we were not at Big Lots so sometimes you have to go with the flow. I have just a few more days before I start work again but that's ok. I think by Wednesday I'll be ready and raring for my next adventure.

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Donna said...

You're sounding relaxed and ready for the adventure of a new job!