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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Counting It Down

Work has become a stressful place quite naturally, I can see why people tend to call in sick rather than do this. They're being overwhelmed with work - but they take far more than they can possibly do which makes no sense to me, but I'm leaving so I say nothing. Anything that can go wrong has for the past few days at work so I'm just keeping my eye on the end of it all and keep working. I wish my books from Amazon would get here, I've never ordered from  them before but it seems like an awful long time since I ordered and I still have nothing. Of course I realize I have the patience of a mayfly when it comes to ordering things. I tend to order and go on Mailbox Patrol the next day which is unrealistic but it works for me.  If nothing comes again today I'll start bothering them. Anyhoo, aside from the daily excursions into the salt mines I've been working away on the sweater, I'm a third of the way through the first sleeve already, they always go faster though since they're so much smaller than the main part. I'm making a few plans for my week off - I realize if I cram too much in there it won't be too relaxing so it will just be small trips here and there and getting a few things done around here. I would love to start painting the porch but I think it's still too cold. But I'm sure I'll find something to do with myself.

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