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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you get candy? I got candy! Anyhoo, this is the porch I'm always talking about, I have VERY big plans for it. David thinks it's ridiculous - it's a small, narrow oddly shaped space and that door at the end leaks like a sieve. If you go outside there's a large and quite ugly cement porch with an iron railing that reminds me of houses in Florida in the 70's. If I showed it to you, you would think of that too. Even that entry is odd - this house had no back door when we moved in, only two front doors about 20 feet apart and the only use we've found for this porch is to put the ladder on so we can sweep the snow off the satellite dish when it interferes with reception. Oh, Vincent uses it sometimes to scope out birds too. David is demolishing the steps in the spring and most likely will put a window there. I'm replacing the carpet and the second church pew will go on the other side of the chimney. I threw out what was serving as a cushion on the swing (yes, there is a porch swing on the other end) and will replace that. I'm painting it white or yellow and have my eye out for a chandelier. You can see into it quite clearly from the road - it's windows all around - and I think a chandelier would look quite snappy, don't you? I'm off for the weekend, I have 3 more days of work - it might as well be 3 more years. As this draws to a close, I vacillate between sadness and anger - I had my issues with this agency but when I worked in WV even when it stunk, I rarely had the day that I didn't want to go to work. My co-workers were great and even though it was hard when I started I remember it fondly, there is something exciting and rewarding about not only  being a part of building a business, but building a successful one. I'm sad it's ending this way, I did love my job and was very loyal to the agency. I'm angry because I watch the way things are done there and they have forgotten one very basic, but very important fact. That all of their jobs depend on the nurses. Without the visit nurses, they don't exist - there is no reason for them to work. No nurses, no visits, no nothing. You can't build a house without a solid foundation and if I take anything away from this job, it will be that.

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