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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vincent Your Cold Weather Friend

I have often noticed about Vincent that the colder the weather gets, the more an affectionate cat he is. My favorite spot in the house is the loveseat which I rarely get to myself. Often all the animals in the house join me, Claw will wait until Vincent falls asleep (about a 19 second wait) and Pearl curls up on the other side. I often announce that we have plenty of other seating but no one appears to care. Anyhoo - I'm finally starting my new job today! I have enough outfits to make it through the week or so and then will pick up things as I see them. I did look for shoes yesterday but found nothing I like. And the other issue is I am itching today! David thinks it was the pineapple this time, as I get older I seem to be developing allergies to certain fruits, first it was just kiwis, now it's pineapple. And I can't take benedryl as it gives me a bad reaction. David is having a bit of a problem this morning, he washed his uniforms and forgot to take the pen out of his pocket - and it was a new pen all full of ink of course.  We scrubbed and washed to no avail so he'll just have to tough it out until Friday and he can go buy a couple new pair. As you can see from the pictures I'm almost done with the first sleeve, I have 12 more rows to go and then I can start in on the other one. That other picture is the new yarn I bought and Vincent is touching in a very fresh way that might get him killed.  I did tell him it was 100% superwash wool at $15 a a skein but he didn't seem impressed or interested. I suppose I should get up and get started, I'm sure the first week will be all paperwork. I'm going to be at the main office until I am trained and they open my office - whoo hoo I have an office!!

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