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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pass The Doughnuts And Remote.

I got a call from Bayada the other day that they needed me to call them back. It turned out to be a VERY good thing - I haven't even started yet and will be going to the Annual Bayada Award and Seminar in Washington DC!! in June - David will be coming along and we even get a trip to the zoo. What a great job already. In the meantime I'm quite enjoying my time off, I didn't go out yesterday at all, I spent most of the morning putzing around on the porch, I fixed the tv in the guest room, sorted things, dusted and took Pearl out a lot to race around and play endless games of fetch while I read a book. 

 I'm currently reading Small Vices by Robert Parker, I actually love that detective series so much I named my dog after the one in the book in case you've ever wondered why I own a dog named Pearl.  During the afternoon it decided to snow again and it's back to being windy and hideous outside. I make great use of my scarf - I get windburn like no body's business so if  I don't wear one I'm forced to walk about looking like Tomato Girl. And that got me thinking the other day - I don't think I've ever made a scarf, I must have at some point but I can't think of one. I made little squares when I started and I know my first real project was a dog coat for Sulee, Bob and Evelyn Marshall's pug. I remember that clearly because it was a rather awful purple thing with sides that went in and out randomly. I thought it was pretty crafty of me at the time and Mrs. Marshall made a huge fuss over it like she'd never seen anything so wonderful and made that poor little wheezy dog model it. I will always love her for that - nothing encourages a child like success, does it?

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