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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

Well, last day of being unemployed, it's been a good week I have to say. I probably could have gone somewhere or did something, but since we've only lived here for such a short time it's pretty easy for me to go sightseeing around here. Today I went over to my favorite haunts and then the mall, the economy's slowdown has become glaringly apparent there. I went into Sears to buy David some tee shirts to wear under his scrubs. I found them easily enough plus a sweater on sale and then went to buy them. That would be when I noticed the lack of customers and more importantly, the lack of cashiers. In desperation I finally checked out at the jewelry counter, the only cash register being manned. And that's not unusual these days, David and I stopped shopping in Walmart because they DO have a wall of cash registers but if two are open it's a good day.  The weather is still very cold but the sun is shining today, not much in that department.  Actually, not much going on in this department today either - isn't that lovely?

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Donna said...

We had temps near 60 today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 70. Then back into the freezing range. Maybe my weather will move on to you in a couple of days!

Good luck your first day on the job.