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Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here

The tempeture has hit the high 30's, effectively starting to  turn everything into a wet sloppy mess. But the warmer weather (who would've ever thought that the 30's was practically tropical) had Pearl and I playing in the field behind the house. She fetched a stick and I made a giant snow rabbit as I am off for the weekend you know. David and I went out early this morning, we got the oil in my car changed, I bought an office outfit (whee!!), we did the grocery shopping, bought and sent off my Dad and Maryann's birthday presents, got my car washed and ate breakfast at the Country Buffet. We had dinner at the Chinese Buffet last night - I must be feeling french as I seem to spend a lot of time at La Boo-Feys these days. I probably need to stop or I'll be hanging around La Weight Watchers pretty soon.  We are just celebrating my my future job. It's a good time to be looking for clothes as everything is on clearance these days, I got a jacket and skirt set for $10 bucks today and it looks pretty snappy to boot. I'm still pretty mad about that manager  but am keeping it under my hat. Word is out at work that I'm leaving and of course everyone is wanting to know why - the desire to trash that manager is ovewhelming of course but I'm keeping my counsel. In it's own odd way it decided a difficult decision for me - any loyalty I had no longer existed and in the long run I'll remember it - hopefully it will help me become the manager I want to be. I spoke to Jackson this evening, he hates the navy, hates his job, etc... but underneath it all I think he's very very homesick. I told him 6 months from now he'll feel much better - I wish I could make him feel better but I know from previous experience he'll just have to ride it out.  At least he's being homesick somewhere warm!! I am currently watching Dr. Who, my usual Saturday night date. I was watching a show today and they were discussing Ghouls and what exactly they are - what are they? I always think of them as sort of damp people eating sort of things, but that's zombies. Anyone know the difference between a ghoul and a zombie? You never know when that knowledge might make a difference between life and death.

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