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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dodging Bullets

I had an exit interview yesterday - I don't know if anyone was happy with it. I just want my job  done and over with so was not in the mood.  I asked them if they wanted me to be nice or did they want the truth, of course a good rule of thumb is it's not a good idea to piss someone off and then ask their opinion of your company. So they got the truth but I was kind about it, as kind as I could be. Because I know two things - when you're upset events tend to be bigger than they actually are and just because it's true to you doesn't necessarily make you right. So that is done and over with and today is my last day which I thought would never happen. I have a week off and then I start my new job which  I am very excited about. Part of me would like to start tomorrow but I know I need a few days off to regroup and this will most likely be the only time off I have for awhile.  I got two of the books I ordered from Amazon - I'm pretty happy with them. Amazon sells used books too, they aren't as cheap as you think they are because they may charge nineteen cents for the book, then the "shipping and handling" is $4.  It still works out, one of the books I bought is $29 at Borders and I paid about $8 for it used and it's in new condition so I'm pretty happy over all. They also have a lot of hard to find stuff - David wishes it was harder for me  to find but tough cookies on him.  Knitting is my only hobby that costs money and even when I go crazy buying yarn and stuff it's still fairly low cost.  Speaking of David, he's having a very good time in his CNA class and will be starting clinical next week. The course he's taking pays for uniforms so he got that yesterday along with a pair of white crocs so he's set to go.  So I guess there are big changes in the Lester household this week.

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