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Thursday, February 12, 2009

La Shopper

I've been shopping inbetween patients - this time of year is perfect as everything is on clearence so it's all deeply discounted. The only thing I do have to be careful of is not to buy a lot of winter stuff. Even though it's still winter I do have to remember we are almost halfway through February and as of the 20th we will be officially 4  weeks away from Spring. Hard to believe, isn't it? Although yesterday was beautiful, I don't know about your part of the country but here it hit a high of 64 - most of my patients made it onto the porch. I'm off for the weekend so am planning a nice Valentine's day. We might drive up to the Poconos for lunch and stuff. Pearl is not included. We heard from Adam, he's been on his ship all week, I have no idea why and the connection was not so great so I'll have to live in darkness. It's almost Friday thank goodness, I thought it would never get here. They're talking snow, rain, etc but I don't care at this point since I know spring is working it's way slowly but surely towards me. I am plotting a garden this year I think, I hate to be outside with nothing to do but watch the dog and be the official Stick Slinger and I've always wanted a garden, just never had the place to put it. 

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