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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I don't Bark. I Just Bite.

Tuesday I was exhausted - I ran all weekend and handed in ALL the paperwork -  5 full admissions, 1 resumption, 3 discharges, 5 (or 6) visits - all OASIS, ask a nurse how much paperwork that is. And then worked another 9 hours straight on Monday. Imagine my surprise when the new manager shut the door while I was speaking to the supervisor and proceeded to call my work "sloppy" and told me  I was an embarrassment!! I protested and she - and I kid you not - wrote me up!! Please keep in mind in the medical profession that is one of the worst things they can do as it goes in your personal file - and mine wouldn't mention that I was overworked, understaffed and there is no way anyone could have completed that amount of paperwork in 48 hours while doing all those visits and fielding phone calls. So I handed my resignation in the next morning - it seems that the new manager only showed the director the few pages I hadn't completed - nor had she told the director how much work I'd done over the weekend.  The director said it wouldn't be a part of my file, but it was too late - I truly no longer have the heart to work for them. I was furious, she just accepted that person's word instead of even asking me, despite the fact I've been there four months and they haven't had problems with my paperwork before. When I left  I felt a little better - but not great. I got back to my desk and was getting ready to leave, I noticed a message - it was from BAYADA!!  I did the telephone interview with the regional manager yesterday after 5 and this morning I accepted the position of Clinical Manager for the new office they're opening! I can't believe they hired me!! But I'm glad they did - I'm still a little nervous as it's a big job, but I think I made the right decision. I am sorry things ended the way they did, I've been with that agency for almost four years now and despite all the occasional strum and drama they've been good to me. At least in West Virginia. 


Donna said...

Well, when one door closes another opens. If you don't believe in God, call it karma. LOL.

I hope this works out well for you. At least maybe you'll have your weekends off.

Liz said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

Anonymous said...

Julia, Congrats! Amazing turn of events..I am happy for you!!!