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Monday, March 16, 2009

Back From The Party

Yes, I know the pictures suck but it's not easy taking pictures inside at night in a crowd and quite honestly, I was too busy most of the evening to play around with the camera. I went with Tracy and Ellen, it only took 2 hours and after Tracy dropped off the center pieces we had to go to Walmart because I had forgotten to pack pajamas. It worked out as Tracy needed to get her nails done so she went off to do that and Ellen and I braved Walmart - I say braved because I don't think it was in a very good part of town and the staff was, hmm, well, rather aggressive looking as were the customers. We also browsed next door where they sold nurse uniforms and hip hop wear.  The party started at 6 - there were about 130 people there, they fly in from all over and I got to meet the president of the company Mark Bayada who was very nice. As you can see from the few pictures it was a beautiful place - it's an old estate on a lake. They had a cocktail hour, dinner and dancing - I did dance a little but didn't enjoy that. I cannot dance and have no problem watching others do it, I always wish I could. But I have resolved that I'm going to be brave and do new things  even if they scare me so I gave it a go. For those of you that think it's not a big deal it is if you can't dance and you're very self concious - ask the others wall flowers if you don't believe me.  I am proud of the fact I even went - all of these women not only work together but have been friends for a long time and I've only been with Bayada for a week and a half so it was hard for me being the odd man out.  I shared a room with Tracy and Ellen because if you share, Bayada picks up the tab! but even that was difficult for me - people talk about places and things you don't know about - they don't do it on purpose of course - but I end up looking at my feet or out the window and that makes me more self concious. But I did it! We went to Franklin Mills on the way back for an hour which was alright but not really enough time to buy anything. I need a spring coat but the problem with buying something like that is you'd better be sure as you can't return it. When I got here David and Ray were still out and about so I got my suitcase unpacked and the wash started not to mention the hour long Greeting Session from Miss Pants. We just went out to the little italian restaurant downtown as I was way too tired to do anymore traveling. I was tempted to go to AC Moores as I have a coupon but I'll be in the new office on Tuesday and Knit and Purls is open late that day! Whoo Hoo!

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