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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 27th Wedding Anniversary, how strange is that! David woke me up with flowers and jewelry despite his being Desperately Ill And So Forth. It's amazing that I've been with him since I was a teenager (I was 19 when I met him) and here  were are, 2 kids and 5 houses later still doing shopping trips and mucking about together. He has his test today, he can take it again if need be as he was still running a fever last night but he's going ahead and doing it anyhow. You're probably wondering about the pictures by now - those are of our neighbor across the road. The other night they were I think burning a brush pile. I noticed some of the grass was starting to burn but didn't think anything of it, they were out there and didn't seem alarmed. Actually, we thought they meant to burn off the dry grass but then one of them started sort of patting the edges and as you can see from the pictures it got a bit beyond the Patting It Out stage. But no one was getting too excited, a car with a light appeared and the fire chief sort of stood there peering at it for a bit. Then the rest of the fire dept showed up - in a small town these sort of things are big events, everyone has to at least get a look. They brought water backpacks instead of a big truck and had it out in no time. They managed to burn about an acre and a half and it looks quite spanky, doesn't it? We don't have any big plans for the weekend, not sure what we'll be doing. I was up in Stroudsburg yesterday afternoon dropping off something and finally found the AC Moores, there's also a Borders and a mall so when we do move my life will not be lacking.

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Donna said...

Happy anniversary to you and your husband.

Our neighbor decided to burn some tall grass after dark recently; scared me something fierce when I looked out and saw it. I never know what that particular neighbor is going to do next; he and his wife are real nutcases.