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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How it's Going So Far

Ray will be here in a few hours, I think we'll go shopping and stuff today and maybe the movies tomorrow. He had said he'd like to see the Watchmen so maybe that will be on the boards today. Things are moving along in some areas, stalled in others. Although my job is overwhelming at times I'm very excited about it and can't wait until the office is opened officially - I'll still be going back and forth between the two for awhile as we don't have  a lot of patients up there yet, but that's ok. Finding another house has not been going overly well - there's plenty for sale but so far nothing that is either affordable or likable. David and Harry were out for most of the day looking and the two that he liked on the internet - one was right on the road and the other was next to high tension wires. So back to the drawing board.  What we'd like is a fixer upper out in the country, if we can sell this place I figure that way we could live where we wanted and have enough left over to do a renovation so we could make a place we were happy with.  But we are not going to hurry, I can commute - I always end up commuting anyhow and even when I lived on Long Island I was driving close to a hundred miles round trip to work.  And of course a major renovation is nothing fun to live through as we discovered from the WV house. I love the movie Under The Tuscan Sun because THAT is how I would like a renovation to go - vineyards and parties, wine and fountains. Not mice hiding in my stereo and cockroaches wiggling out of the stove (there's an image burned in my memory forever!!), frogs and property buried in thorns.  David has finished fixing the bathroom up and will be ordering the carpet next week, in between that he's getting ready to look for a job. I've suggested for now he either go part time or per diem if we're planning on selling the house this summer, if it doesn't sell by August then we'll have to come with another game plan. Harry doesn't think it will be too hard as long as we keep the price reasonable since David has finished the remodel here - he told David a lot of the problem with selling it the last time was the colors the owners had painted it, that a lot of people that looked just couldn't get past the Retina Burning Green. Bubble Gum Pink and of course the aforementioned carpeting. But we have other fish to fry today, don't we?

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