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Thursday, March 26, 2009


The office is having a big audit so things have been a bit tense - every surface is piled and I go over discharges in my sleep.  And I'm currently communting between the two offices daily, the turnpike and I are good friends. The company does self audits every quarter which makes more sense, even though it's stressful it keeps everything up to date so when the big guns show up (aka The Medicare Ladies) every I is dotted and every T is crossed. We still have not found a physical therapist, I think I ask everyone I come across.  Jackson called last night on his own phone, still grumbling a bit because you know he now has A BILL to pay.  That bill will apparently hang over his head like an albatross, looming on the horizon month after month. I pointed out what he would have to pay to Aunt Janet in overage most likely would far exceed and with his new plan he does admit he can call 5 people for free anytime so he no longer has to wait until the wee hours or the weekend, so it works out his in favor. Sigh - I wish I had ONE BILL to pay! We are still holding off on the carpet we paid for - we're waiting until Pearl is out of heat which cannot happen fast enough. We also found out that having her hips xrayed was not enough, they have to be sent in and registered. Ray is coming out this weekend so we're looking foward to that, I didn't really get to see him the last time he was out. 

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