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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Graveyard Groupie

There is nothing more fun than a graveyard in spring -  well, it has to be an old and an interesting one of course - this monument is great, isn't it? And it was just as big as it looks. if you look in the left hand corner you'll see an Indian hiding in the trees with an arrow nocked at the boy and the man.  Anyhoo, David and I were out and about again yesterday, we found an area that is not only affordable but what we're looking for and  within driving distance of my new job.  Then we went exploring, we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and we found the Borders where I got a sweet deal on a couple of books. There was a Kathy Reichs book I'd wanted but I've found that if you wait a couple of months the $30 hardcover will land on the bargain table for $5 and that I don't mind spending.  I'm still pricing yarn swifts, they're surprisingly expensive and can run as high as $80. If it was something I was going to use all the time it would be one thing but I don't have that much that needs to be sorted so I'll continue to look. Speaking of yarn as we were going home I was told NOT to shriek suddenly even if I did see a whole flock of sheep conveniently located near my house and we don't need to start with THAT right now, do we? Sigh - maybe not, maybe not. 

I'm almost done with the second sleeve but I've been so busy doing everything else it's slow going these days. One thing I'd love to do is join the Knitting Guild and become a master but the requirements are fairly time consuming and given that I'm used to living inside it's not time to give up day job quite yet.  On the home front Pearl is in heat, we have spoken with the breeder but she suggested we wait until we figure out where we're living which makes sense so we will wait. Around here people don't let their dogs run loose so Pearl has had only one suitor, a very old man of a dog which had David laughing - and he wasn't even here that long. About 20 minutes after he arrived a car pulled up and took him home so he apparently has concerned owners and won't be hanging around that much. I heard from Jackson, he has the virus so he's been pretty under the weather all week. His big news  is Aunt Janet is shutting down his phone next month which we discussed in detail - my view being that since he's an adult living on his own it's not unreasonable for him to have his own phone. He's disgruntled as it will ruin his perfect record of never having to pay his own bills!! I told him all good things must come to an end - and given that his medical, dental, food, housing, heat, water, electric, laundry, are being covered by the Navy I'm not feeling too sympathetic these days!

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