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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running Around With Ray

We had a busy day yesterday - Ray arrived about 10 and after slugging down coffee, off we went. We had a house we wanted to look at so we put it in the GPS and pointed the truck in that general direction.  Heading down the backroads you never know what you might find and the first find was a dam dated from 1863 - I'll post more pictures in the coming days. There was a beautiful lake behind it so we stopped there. Then we came across one of my favorites - a graveyard with big creepy statues so out of the car again. There was a house right in between the two graveyards and I secretly envied those people with all my heart. At this point we realized the house we wanted to look at was a bit further than we had anticipated so David (thought) he rerouted the GPS - he did not. After a few wrong turns we went back on the (wrong) route so by the time we realized we were heading to the house that was too far, we might as well look at it. It sucked. It was then over 20 miles back to where we were headed so by the time we got to lunch (dinner) I was a (little) cross. I'm not good at house hunting which is why I tend not to get involved except for the part where I drive to it, and really since I'm out of the house for about 50 hours a week now, sitting in a truck for 6 or 7 hours on my day off is a bit beyond me. But the day ended up great, we ate an Irish pub that had been a bank at the turn of the century so we got to sit in the vault! The food was great and we had a nice long lunch. In town there's a used book store that Ray likes and David said the owner was peevish, that was being kind in my opinion. I found an old crafts book and brought it to the counter. The guy did everything but sigh and roll his eyes since I was obviously breaking his routine of doing the crossword and ignoring the general public.  

He put down his pencil and pulled out a ledger first, writing the purchase carefully(as slowly as humanly possible) then rang me up, getting annoyed about having to make change, rummaged around for a bag, pushed it towards me while simultaneously picking up the crossword and promptly ignoring me as apparently, we were done.  Ray likes him - I have no idea why except for maybe the same reason I love old graveyards so much, it's just a strange little thing in the middle of your day. Anyhoo, then we shot over to AC Moores where I was a little disappointed as out of all the yarn on sale none of it was the sock yarn - I did have a coupon so got a deal on size 19 rosewood needles so I didn't walk away empty handed. Then to Borders as I had printed up a coupon for both Ray and I and we did good there too. 
We headed back to home after that, everyone full and tired - we didn't get in until almost 7 pm. Pearl was beside herself but since that's her general state of being no one found that upsetting except for Pearl. Vincent survived his afternoon outside by himself and was ready for dinner and bed. After everyone got settled Ray and I watched a movie, David headed out to Roman's as he has a friend that needs some work done. I turned in around 9, David didn't get back until midnight. It's raining today so I think it will be a good day for a movie and dinner, don't you?

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Donna said...

Eating in a bank vault? Cool!

Grumpy store owners? There's no excuse.