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Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello To The Helushka!

So, what is Helushka you are wondering. I'm probably not spelling it right, but it's very good. Very good indeed. Around here during the season of Lent the local church ladies are a busy group indeed because this is their money making season. You have to add in that most of the churches here are either Polish or Russian so what they are cooking is nothing short of amazing. Hand made pirogi - you have no idea. No really you have NO idea how great they are. Anyhoo, what they do is serve lunch every Friday and you can order as much stuff as you like, so last week I had pirogi and this week everyone was eating the above mentioned Helushka. It is buttered noodles, fried in onions and a few spices and is probably not as good for you as you'd like it to be. I was also informed the polish church down the road makes some sort of potato pancake and there are other assorted high fat, high starch and Free For All Foods you can slob down at various religious institutes. And this goes on until Easter believe it or not. So work is still good, thank you for asking! 

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