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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where Is Spring?

Ok, I admit it's not AS COLD as it was, the down coat only comes out for the first dog walk of the morning and I have been wearing a sweater to work, but it's certainly no where near the spring I want. I have two flower carpets ready to go but with the cold temps at night I hesitate to put them out. I would love to have a garden but with the house up in the air and my lack of time it's just not a good idea right now.  In other news - David passed his CNA yesterday despite running fevers and a running nose, so he's officially certified to work. He was pretty relieved, the time between the end of the course and the certification by the Red Cross gave everyone that much time to worry - and like most people, he just wanted it over. He has no fever this morning but his sinuses are hurting so if  they don't feel better by Monday he'll have to make an appointment with the doctor.  This week he also got the driveway done, he ordered gravel as the previous owners had only put a tiny bit near the garage and our yard was quickly turning into a mud pit from our turning the cars around. The carpet is coming in the next week or two and then the house will pretty much be done. We're still looking but we're taking our time this time as can't keep moving every ten minutes. I'm old you know.

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